I am sorry...

Written by alex.kruk on 9:50 PM

For not posting anything for so so long. I know I don't have tons of readers... yet but I do have some who come often and enjoy my pictures and my blog, Thank you to everyone for all of your nice comments! I really appreciate it and I will try to be better about posting again.
We just moved into a new house and there is so much to do. So many things to put away and in between 3 kids to take care of time goes by so fast. Weeks go past like days.
During the last few weeks I got really crazy about upgrading everything around the house...garden, garage, kitchen, windows - everything! During this same time my camera was put away.
I also do a lot to help James with his Promo. Elvis Tribute Artist thing - there were some contests, some gigs.

So today since a post is always better with a picture. One of the amazing sunsets - this one is a straight shot from our house window! Amazing !


... and the cutest thing ever - Princess Lilly in her fabulous crown ( made of the leftover fabric of her curtains )posing for my camera. I can't believe how fast she is growing and becoming a GIRL...she is not a baby anymore... we always say...don't grow up, stay little!


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Hi ! I have had my blog for almost one year. Now I will try to take care of it a little bit better. My name is Alex and I am the mommy of three kids, Marcin, Lilianna and Maximillian. I found my true love and that makes me the happiest wife ever. My passion is photography and I will show you my work here. Hope you will love it ! Enjoy ! Thank you for sttoping by