My new two favourite things

Written by alex.kruk on 6:04 PM

First place is going to my new MOP -The Bissell STEAM MOP I just got from my mom. It is actually the best thing I have ever had to clean floors. I am telling you, I have three kids and a garden. The floor needs to be cleaned every single day BUT it is just impossible, with buckets, and soaps and kids. First we got a Swiffer - way to expensive and what I think it is just spreading soap over dirty floors. You need to buy pads all the time ! OUR new mop is just awesome, you just poor water, no chemicals and it cleans EVERYTHING like nothing else. It is fresh, clean and so easy to use. I love it ! I love it ! I love it !

-- So good for our environment as you never have to use any chemicals !! --

The second thing is my new i phone. I just got it. The story is that my Max got rid of my old phone by putting it to the toilet. I was looking for it for days, and after maybe a week we found it... in the toilet. Destroyed. The next choice was i phone, I love it and I got it just for 30 bucks - as refurbished - - great deal to me :) Now it is a time to learn what my i phone can do for me.

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