me and my life.

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No1.This past week we were celebriting love and it is the most important part of my life. It is covering me as a cozy blanky, its always there. We always smile and say to eachnother look how many heads are running around the house. It is running on love :) Couldn't be more happy!

No2. The intresting part of my life from my far away past is that I was ileagally traveling with my father on his oiltanker ship for a long time. I was about 5 years old. I was visiting my dad and he decided to take me for a short trip to Holland but plans changed very quickly and they couldnt go back to Poland so I HAD to stay. I remember other countires like Brasil, I remember there was a swimming pool on board, I remember driving the ship with my dad.

No3. JAMES said - I always have our kids to make me smile keep me alive and in the moment. They are so beautiful innocent and full of hopes and dreams and they think I am the greatest. When I come home and they rush to me and hug me its the best.

No.4 JAMES said - I also have my Alex who helps me to overcome bad feelings or negative people that have to pop up in our lives now and then. She has always believed in me and more she can push me to do things that I need to do but sometimes am too afraid or lazy to do. I love you my Alex.

No5. I do like taking pictures of myself so that they look original and unique. A post is always better with a photo: ME taken by ME last week. I even do like post only with photos.



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