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I keep working on my website, changing a lot of things. Yesterday I asked my husband James to write 20 things about me. You can read them here or you can go and check out my website by clicking HERE. Thank you kochanie, you are the best !

PS. I keep trying to inspire James to write a book which I am pretty sure would be a bestseller !


I knew I loved her from the first second.

Alex is beautiful and when she talks soft and quiet it is sexy.

She can always tell what colors look great together.

She was the first person to really inspire me to sing.

Can make me see things more clearly in a simpler way than I could
Fills me with hope and happiness.

Gave the world 3 amazing, beautiful children who though they get on
our nerves sometimes fill us with joy that is indescribable.

Somehow can take amazing pictures and turn the most everyday events or scenes into art.

Looks so unique and beautiful I see almost everyone who sees her look at her twice.

Can cook excellent Polish and Thai food.

Is very determined yet sometimes this can be seen as stubborn but most
of the time her stubbornness results in great things.

Gives great tarot readings.

Is very compassionate and psychic which sometimes is a little scary but made me very interested in her.

Can talk about the things she likes or hates for a very long time.

When she is happy the world is the greatest.

Alex is my true love.

Inspires me to be great.

She is very honest in her thoughts and doesn't tell lies to spare feelings,
but this makes for less misunderstanding with others.

Takes great care of our three children.

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  2. By Brianna Phelan on December 5, 2009 at 7:24 PM

    This was a great post and very sweet. I really enjoyed reading it :)

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