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No1. I know. I am lame. I am so lame doing blog posts! There are so many things I want to blog about, share but then somehow they are just staying in my head. OY WEY - me :) Sorry about that ! One reason for that is the fact that I don't like bloggspot so much and I am thinking about finding a new home for my blog.

No2. Lilly - My little Lilly. Yesterday was her big day! Her first gig. She was so excited, she did great and she looked so so beautiful! We Went shopping after and that made her day even better and it felt so good to see her being so happy. In the Disney store Lilly put every single dress on but she ended up with a Princess and the Frog toy. So like her mommy :)

No3. Mr Diggy - this needs an explanation. One day Lilly started calling Max "Mr Diggy" and it stuck, we all love it and the funny part is that Max calls himself Diggy. So cute !

No4. I am Polish. I miss Poland and my family. I miss polish food. I miss polish meats. I miss snow - but just sometimes ( maybe I just think I miss snow ). I cant believe what I am gonna to say but I miss trams and buses. I miss the big city. I miss juicy and sweet strawberries. I miss trees. I miss Cracow. I do feel like at home here in America. But I still miss certain things about Poland.

No5. I am in love with shoes ! I adore shoes ! I could buy shoes everyday ! When I was little girl I slept with my new shoes. Literally I will never have enough ! Shoes are for me like jewelry. I collect them, I like looking at them, they make me feel fabulous !

always better with a photo... of some shoes :)


If you want to read more about ME. Here is a link to an olderpost ME AND MY LIFE.

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  2. By brittanypresley on April 2, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    there's lots of snow here in south dakota! lol.
    Also, with the snow and big city, sounds like New York City, or perhaps my old home of Cincinnati would be a great place for you :) Ah how I miss cincy :)

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