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I felt so bored lately doing nothing creative for the last few days that yesterday I went to my website and I felt I am already bored with it so I started redesigning everything. I put more black and more white, I also redesigned my blog as you can see. After all the redesigning I am happy, I feel I did something creative and I think it looks excellent.
I really would love to hear what YOU think of it !


A very important day is coming, which will lead to evne greater things for us. My husband James will perform as an Elvis Tribute Artist at the Ultimate Elvis contest Pechanga Casino !!!
Contest will take place 19-20-21 of June so if you want to have some fun and Cheer my James on please come you are very welcome ! I can not wait !
Congratulations KING KRUK !!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!!

I love his promo...
" Don't hire some guy in a jumpsuit, hire the real King, King Kruk "


Lastly are the projects that I am planing to do soon. First definitely will be "Elvis" -King Kruk in his new white suit. We are planing to take some pictures this weekend, maybe even tomorrow. You can see the preview below.

I am also planing to shoot some flowers. I can not believe I haven't done that for so long. If YOU are here and you read my post please say what flower you would like to see, give me an idea and it will be more challenging for me.
You can see my flowers HERE


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  2. By Jenna on May 29, 2009 at 12:17 AM

    No way! That is your HUSBAND! Very cool.

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