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It is a fact that I don't have pictures of ME. No pictures of Only ME,no Me with Me with Me in parks... as a family pictures - ZERO. I am always taking the pictures. I am always behind the camera. Today I decided it is my turn and I am gonna be IN FRONt of my own camera. I have to admit I kinda like it and I want more!
It is not so easy though with kids around, somehow wanting to be in the pictures, styling my makeup, just trying to be in the middle of the whole thing. Here are some pictures BEHIND the scenes of my own session. These pictures make me smile.

This is me getting ready my makeup. White stuff on my eyelashes is pre mascara thing :)

Photobucket we go ..Max keeps putting light off !


...and Max messing with my makeup. He put some mascara on his face :) My face on this one is hilarious


..and again Max trying so hard ( and cute ) to get some attention


and for today 2 of my self-portraits


The actual plan was to take all of my pictures myself but we ended up with James taking my pictures. I am very happy how they turned out. Come back for more. Update on this coming soon !

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