me and my life.

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For a long time now I have been thinking of a blog series which would say more ABOUT ME AND MY LIFE. So many times already I had a post ready and deleted it just before posting. Too many times I had awesome ideas that were with time forgotten. I am sitting here, writing my note and hoping that this time we will go through and I will not erase my words this time.

The main thing that concerns me is that English is my second language and it is sometimes hard to put my thoughts in the right way, in a way that YOU my readers will understand what I MEAN :) The other reason is that I am reading other blogs and I stop myself from writing simply because my English is not good enough. But well, this time is different and the words will go as I think. Lets start then.

No1. I have the most important thing, the thing I always dreamt of, the thing called true love. I loved my husband James from the first sight, I love him more everyday. We have three kids which make our love bigger and better, and because we found each other makes me the happiest wife and mom ever.

No2. Not long ago I found something else. I found photography and I have been in love with my camera and pictures ever since. I didn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I felt like in a dream. I found the path in my already beautiful life. The path which made me feel complete. It was a missing spot and now is fulfilled. I love my job !

No3. Kids - that is very important part in my life since it is TAKING OVER my life ! Martin is 10 years old, Lilly is 4, and the youngest one but the biggest pain is Max 18 months old. My whole day revolves around them. I always dreamt of heaving kids and I couldn't be a more happy mom because of my babies ;)

No4. I am a color freak I admit! I love colors but they always have to match, they always have to be right. I wouldn't be able to sleep in a T-shirt not matching my bottoms. Believe me I have to get up and change. I never wear brown clothes, brown shoes, brown bags. My kids don't wear brown and James as well. Brown can be only chocolate ! i could write a whole post about colors, they kinda rule a bit in my life.

No5. Elvis Presley, he is a huge part of our life. James is an Elvis Tribute Artist - this is his job, his passion, this is what he does - spread love through Elvis' songs. It is a fun part of our life - interviews, TV, music, big life which becomes bigger and bigger every month.

Ok, I think that is it for tonight. I hope I did good. And as everybody likes a post with pictures there is one. ME. Talking about colors these beautiful shoes were the inspiration for my makeup. A little touch of color.


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